IDEAL WORK was originally formed in the mid 1990's with the clear objective of introducing the concept of quality concrete finishing to the Italian and European market. Both the headquarters in Italy and the UK facility in Manchester give over a large percentage of their footprint to training and samples for clients.

IDEAL WORK has a network of qualified, trained and approved contractors extending beyond Italy to include Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Poland, Baltic states, Hungary, France, Ireland, the Middle East and Caribbean.

IDEAL WORK is now the undisputed leader of the 'decorative concrete' market in Europe due to its commitment to product quality, innovation, customer consultation and dedication to a single industry. The largest theme parks and most fashionable resorts in Europe have benefited both aesthetically and structurally from IDEAL WORK products and systems. The same success is now being mirrored in the other countries mentioned previously.

IDEAL WORK also has a range of industrial flooring products and systems that have been developed after discussions with all sectors of the industry including specifiers, clients and contractors. Constant appraisal and review of customer needs ensure that IDEAL WORK has remained ahead of any potential imitators and able to respond quickly to market requirements. The unique Ideal Joint System is just one example of this approach to market and product development.

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